Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back to work

Tomorrow I return to the working world. I am ready for it. I definitely am sad to leave sweet little baby R, but Q has been such a handful lately, I am looking forward to the break. It was much harder to go back last time. Life with just a newborn was serene and relatively easy. But now with a boisterous toddler and a baby, home is hectic and work will be an oasis. Or so I think. I am sure a few days in, I will wish I were back at home. It will be good. I am ready.


We are preparing to finish the last two rooms in our house. The master bath and the spare bathroom are still white, but not for much longer. Today we bought paint and accessories for the rooms. The spare bathroom is becoming the kids' bathroom. We got all sorts of transportation paraphernalia like a shower curtain, bus Kleenex holder, truck soap dispenser and towels. We got bright school bus yellow paint for the walls, and I ordered a print of firetrucks for the wall. Doesn't that sound great? I am excited. We picked a light taupe for our bathroom. Next weekend is a painting weekend. Not my favorite thing to do, but it is a great pay off.


I am pretty sure I am nixing the marathon training for this time around. I am leaning toward a half-marathon instead. To be honest, the training has been hanging over me and stressing me out a bit. I was supposed to run 12 miles today, but it was almost 100 degrees outside, and I was just not feeling up to it. Instead I hit the treadmill for five miles. I feel sort of a relief with it not looming in the future. I just have too much on my plate right now, and a half-marathon is a little more my speed.


Friday: rest (traveled)
Saturday: 45 minutes walking, weights
Sunday: 5 miles run/some walking on treadmill, push-ups and sit-ups
145 lbs.


Friday, June 27, 2008


Vacations are nice because they make you appreciate coming home.

We are back home tonight, but of course had travel problems again. I am beginning to seriously doubt the U.S. airline industry. One of our flights had mechanical problems again, and we had to wait an hour and a half for a new plane.

The boys were pretty good. The flight from Phoenix to home started off extremely hot. The boys were sweaty and grumpy, and so were we. The flight attendant gave us cold compresses to put on their foreheads.

It is nice to see the cats and even Ruby again and to settle back into the routine. Starting next week it will involve going back to work. Hard to believe that is already here.

Our DVR is packed full of television to watch. I am going to be very, very busy catching up on 14 hours of shows like "So You Think You Can Dance?" It is not easy being me.


a little scattered in my training this week:

Tuesday: 3 miles, push-ups and sit-ups
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 4 miles on treadmill, weights


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Old friends

Being back in the place where I grew up brings back lots of old memories. I feel like if I walked into my high school it would be preserved as I remember it. Instead it would now be filled with kids I don't recognize. I hear of people much younger than me married with kids. I still picture them as freshmen in high school, and the image of them grown up is jarring.

I met up with two friends in the past week. One was a close friend from high school who was my maid of honor. We only see each other about once a year, but from the first moment we are together, it is like no time has passed. The other is a girl I once lifeguarded with. She now has two children ages six and four. I brought my little kiddoes to her house today. We shared memories from our days at the beach and now our experiences as mothers.

I am not the best person at keeping in touch with old friends, but I so appreciate these friendships that last for many years--through high school, college, and far beyond.


We have been spending a lot of time with my sister and her four boys. They are ages six and under. With all six boys in one place, it is often a zoo. I don't know how my sister does it. My two babies exhaust me, and just being around her brood is enough to tire out anyone. T and I talk about having four babies, but sometimes I wonder if I can really do it. I don't know if I share my sister's endless energy.

This week our big crew went to a kids' museum and a beach. I put a bikini on for the first time since having baby R almost three months ago. I spent the day trying to suck in my stomach.

Yesterday, we diligently attempted to get a picture of all six grandsons. There was a great deal of squirming and whining, but we did get a few cute ones.

Tomorrow is the last day of our visit. We fly home Friday, and I am back to work Monday. This has been a very enjoyable trip, mostly I think because it is so laid back and unplanned. It is a nice way to end my maternity leave before reality rears its ugly head.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Keep on truckin'

Saturday: 11 miles (very hard)
Sunday: rest
Monday: cross-train (elliptical and weights)


Sunday, June 22, 2008

11 miles

I did my longest run since the birth of R this weekend, and it wasn't very fun. I had to do 11 miles. My parents have a nice bike trail near their house, so I ventured out in mid-afternoon. It was a nice day, but it started feeling hot about 5 miles in when I was out of the shade. About 7 miles in I started seriously regretting not bringing water. That was not a very wise choice. My mouth was a dry as sand, and my tongue was sticking to my lips. I walked a few times but kept chugging along. My feet were blistered, and my hips ached by the time I saw my parents home a mile in the distance. I was now desperate for water. I felt like a parched man crawling through the desert toward an oasis. My parents were outside when I got home, but I just rushed by them straight to the sink. Water tastes like ambrosia when you are dying of thirst.

I may just do the half-marathon in Lake Tahoe. Since I am up to 11, 13.1 would be a piece of cake. I am not sure I am up to the full 26.2 just yet. We'll see. No decisions just yet.

Q was so touchingly cute this weekend. He was following my mom and dad around everywhere doing whatever they were doing. He hauled mulch with my dad and washed tables with my mom. He is such a charming little fellow, and I am proud when I see how much they enjoy him.


T had to head back home this weekend for his MBA classes, but now he is back here. It is nice to again have someone to share diaper-changing duties with.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Weird vacation

This is a strange vacation. T is working the whole time and just actually returned back home to attend his MBA classes. So, it's not really a vacation for him at all. I am also just kind of hanging out, not sight-seeing or doing a bunch of touristy stuff. It is actually kind of nice and relaxing. Except for the two kiddoes of course!

Tonight I see my very good friend from middle and high school. Becky was my maid of honor, and we have always stayed close. I am looking forward to it.

I have also been getting in some good working out. My parents have this great exercise area in their finished basement. They have a treadmill, elliptical, and weight machine with a plasma TV. There is also a bathroom and wine room down there. T and I think we could just live in their basement.


Sunday: rest (while traveling)
Monday: cross train (elliptical and weights)
Tuesday: 3 miles (on bike trail near their house)
Wednesday: 6 miles (on bike trail)
Thursday: 3 miles (on treadmill) plus weights
Friday: rest

145.4 lbs (10 pounds of pregnancy weight to go) have eaten a lot of cookies on this trip, so progress is slow


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A bunch of boys

Q is having a blast with his big boy cousins. My sister has four boys ages six and under. I don't know how she does it considering I often struggle with two. Q tries to keep up with all her boys, and they are wearing him out. My parents have a tire swing in their basement, and four of them squeeze on together. It is fun to watch them all playing.

It was a rough trip to Wisconsin. Our morning flight was cancelled, and we finally got on an 11:30 a.m. flight. One of our flights had mechanical problems, so we didn't get in until after 1:00 a.m. The boys were fairly good on the flights, but it is just exhausting. I used to not mind traveling, because I would just read or sleep. It was kind of a relief to have nothing to do. But, when you are traveling with a two-year-old and a two-month-old, you are constantly holding or entertaining someone. I would have paid a large sum of money for a nice long nap on one of those flights.

Packed flights, absent snacks, and extra expenses make me just dread traveling lately. Plus, it seems like flights are always late or cancelled. It has been so long since I have had a flight go perfectly smoothly. It seems like by the time you arrive you are so stressed out, it's barely worth it to get away! My sister, even with her four boys, always drives to her vacation destinations. Now I understand why.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

It is the day before our first trip as a family of four. I am very scared. T has to go to Wisconsin for a business trip, and the boys and I are tagging along to see my parents and my sister and her family. The thought of being trapped on a plane with two babies and dozens of irritated passengers is a little nerve-wracking. Q will have his own seat this time, because he is over the age of two. I think that will be a little better than the last time when we held his wriggly body as he demanded to get down.

I am packing a bag of small quiet toys to play with on his tray table plus some snacks since the airlines now charge you for even breathing their air. R should be a bit easier. It will be challenging to travel cross-country for two weeks with all the car seats, clothes, diapers, and other paraphernalia two children require. Our flight tomorrow leaves around 5:45 a.m. We are hoping that will mean tired babies ready to sleep on the plane. Today I am washing clothes, packing, and planning. Wish me luck. Hopefully at this time tomorrow, I won't be attempting to throw myself out the emergency exit door.

After this trip, I will be going back to work. My maternity leave uses up all of my vacation and sick time, so I am glad to be taking this quasi-vacation now. I am excited to go back to work in some ways but will also miss the flexibility and free time I have now. It will be fulfilling to get back to real life though and settle into a schedule. These three months have sped by in a blur of spit-up, crying, and sleep-deprivation. My newborn is now a chubby baby. Crazy.


A couple other random thoughts:

I went spray-tanning again today. I am feeling a full-on addiction developing. It is so quick and easy and not bad for you! What is the downside? The price I guess, but if you buy in bulk it is cheaper. I did get a horrible sunburn on my back yesterday while with the boys at a spray park. I think having the fake tan tricks you into thinking you won't burn. Just my back burned though. Odd.

Just in time to see our family, Q is injured. He was with his dad at the pet supply store and lunged out of the cart for something. I'm glad I wasn't there, because I would have been a mess. That scratch is a little too close to his eye, and it looks even worse in person.

And now a couple pictures of little R. Getting chubby fast and full of smiles.


Friday: 5 miles 48:30 outside


Friday, June 13, 2008

A little something

We got our something! A few weeks ago we sent $10 to The Something Store and waited for our surprise something. It was taking awhile, so we started to think maybe we got scammed. But no, our something arrived as promised this afternoon! It is a set of earphones for your Ipod and cell phone. Not exactly exhilarating, but worth the $10, and at least we didn't get scammed.


R was up three times last night between 1:00 and 7:00 a.m. He was up for a long time each of those times. I was so tired today, I just ached. I hate that feeling. It is amazing how it changes everything. I felt so frustrated I almost wanted to cry when the comforter was stuck while I was making the bed. Your patience and good humor evaporates when you are overly tired. I told T to take the children when he got home and laid down for a nice juicy nap. I was a new woman when I awoke.


Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 3 miles on treadmill, a few weights, and 10 minutes of Pilates abs


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Poop explosion

R had his first major explosion of poo, and man, was it a doozy. Thankfully, I was at a meeting for family-centered care at the hospital. I am part of committee that advises them on how to make their maternity, NICU, and pediatrics more family-friendly. Kids are welcome at the meetings, and the nurses, doctors, and administrators take it all in stride.

Anyway, I was nursing R when he grunted and made a loud poo. He is quite boisterous when pooping, so this is nothing new, but then I felt a warm, wet sensation on my leg. I thought perhaps it was a little leak, but no. It was all up his back and coating his shorts. It was dripping down the front and back of my thigh and soaking into the upholstery of the chair. It absorbed into my nursing cover and burp cloth. I had to use about 85 wipes to clean up everything, and R had to go pants-less. A very nice nurse scrubbed it out of the chair. Later I was finding the mustard-colored goo everywhere. I even had to scrub it off the face of my watch. It is amazing what you can get used to.


I have been tagged by Julie. This is kind of a lot of work! I will comply to the best of my ability.
  • Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Seven facts about me:

1. I got third place in my six-grade spelling bee. I missed the word "executive."
2. I started getting gray hair in high school.
3. I had hip dysplasia as a baby and had to wear a brace for awhile. I later put in on my Cabbage Patch kid.
4. I detest mushrooms. That sucks when you're a vegetarian.
5. I had a duodenal ulcer when I was nine. I was kind of a stressed-out little kid.
6. I did 27 shots on my 21st birthday. Now the thought of doing a shot makes me want to barf.
7. I have a huge problem with falling asleep in cars. Not a big deal if you are a passenger, but I used to have to pull over in rest stops or take caffeine pills to make the 500-mile drive home from college.


Now I tag: Maggie, Shelli, and Annie. That's good enough for my first time.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Many pokes

R had his 2-month appointment today. He got four shots and one oral vaccine. It certainly is overwhelming to see such a tiny person get so many vaccinations. I think you just have to trust modern medicine and do what the latest research shows is right, but it still makes you wonder. Is that really good for a tiny baby? I sure hope so. It is so hard to watch him scream and writhe in pain.

His height and weight are both above average. Q was tiny for so long, so it is quite a change to have a little chubby baby.

I ran outside around 9:00 tonight, and it was just starting to get dark. I love, love these long days. It just feels like you can get so much more done. Is there anywhere on the planet that has these long days year round? If so, I want to move there.


Tuesday: 3 miles 28:45 (slooooooow...still recovering from yesterday's belated long run)


Reformed fake-baker

I got my first spray-tan today. It was an interesting experience. I used to go tanning, quite excessively really in high school and college. I have since stopped that habit. When T had a melanoma removed from his back, I decided I needed to end my sun-worshipping ways.

Still, I would like to be tan. It just makes you look better and thinner, both of which I need right now! So, I decided to give the spray tan a whirl. I didn't realize all that went into it from wrapping your feet in plastic wrap to the crazy poses you have to hold. I am happy with the results though and think I will go again.


Monday: 9 miles woo-hoo! 1:26: 30 (T met me halfway with some water. My feet are covered in blisters, but otherwise I feel good)


Sunday, June 8, 2008


My in-laws are wrapping up their weekend visit as I type. They are headed back to their hotel and have a 6:00 a.m. flight. T's mom cried as she said good-bye to baby R sleeping peacefully in his swing. I feel for them that they are so far away from their two young grandchildren. They had a lot of good quality time though this weekend. It was a busy one and included two churches in two hours.

T and I were invited to a wedding of a co-worker months ago. We RSVPed yes and were looking forward to the night out. Then we found out that T's parents were coming that weekend. T was raised Catholic so we baptized Q in the Catholic church and planned to do the same with R. The baptism however was scheduled at 6:45 the night of the wedding. The wedding was at 5:00. So, we figured we'd go to the wedding, slip over to the baptism, and then hit the reception.

My first dilemma was finding a dress that was cute enough for a wedding but demure enough for a christening. I looked around for awhile until I found this gem. (It was demure with a sweater) Then our next problem was when the wedding started 50 minutes late. We nervously wondered what was going on as we checked our watches. The wedding finally got underway just before 6:00, so we knew we had to plan our exit. We didn't even make it to the vows unfortunately. When everyone stood up for the gospel reading, we slipped out ignoring a few curious looks.

We were also slightly late to the baptism, because the guest of honor kept barfing on himself. He wore a 100-year old christening gown that has been used by dozens of T's relatives. The baptism itself included four other children. R screamed hungrily through most of it, as Q ran around the sanctuary in a yellow tie and blue blazer. Finally, R was christened, and we were on our way to the reception. The wedding lasted an hour and a half (yikes), so people were just arriving after 8:00 when we got there.

The food was wonderful and the wine even better, but our table was a bit strange. I sat next to a skinny older woman who bore a striking resemblance to Cruella De Ville. She and her husband drank so much that she eventually slumped over in her chair hiccuping until someone led her away. Before that, she and he husband talked our ears off. Her husband asked me how far along in my pregnancy I was. When I told him I was two months postpartum, he mumbled something about how long it takes to get your body back. Hey thanks. That pretty much crushed any self esteem I had for the night. The guests on either side of T also had a heated argument over the merits of Barack Obama as he awkwardly sat between them.

We were just finishing dinner at 11:00 p.m. and had to head home without even dancing or having cake. Kind of a strange wedding all in all, but at least we successfully completed all our church obligations for the night.


Friday: rest
Saturday: cross-train: 20 minute walk and 30 minutes of Pilates
Sunday: rest (supposed to do 9 miles but postponed till tomorrow)
145.6 lbs


Friday, June 6, 2008

Still on track

Wednesday: 5 miles (on treadmill...very tedious)
Thursday: 3 miles (on treadmill while watching So You Think You Can Dance)


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Backing the breast

An advice column I saw in the paper today really bothered me. A woman wrote in to "Ask Amy" saying her daughter-in-law would not respect her wishes to breastfeed her baby in private at family gatherings. The woman said even if her daughter-in-law covered up, it was not appropriate.

This really bothered me as a woman who often breastfeeds in public. I always cover up, mostly because I am self-conscious, but don't feel like I should have to. And in this instance, the woman was not even in public. She was in her mother-in-law's home and just wanted to be part of the conversation and not banished to the back room.

What is offensive or gross about breastfeeding? It is the most natural thing in the world. We are mammals for god's sake. It is more strange to feed our babies cow's milk, if you think about it. You don't see bears feeding their cubs sheep milk or something. It is not sexual or ugly. Also, you never can perfectly predict your baby's schedule. When he is hungry, he lets you know. Should you just let him scream in hunger while you wait to find an isolated location?

I am so proud of myself for breastfeeding despite the challenges. I know it is the best choice for my children, so I am willing to make the sacrifices. This woman should be celebrated and congratulated for persevering rather than being made to feel ashamed by her own family. I thought it was especially poignant that the offensive incident happened on Mother's Day.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Playing catch up

I am reading Barbara Walters' memoir Audition right now, and it is very thought-provoking. She made great strides for women in broadcasting and paved the way for women like me. It is alarming to hear the criticism and doubt she faced even from her co-anchor Harry Reasoner. So many people thought that just because she had two X chromosomes she was somehow deficient. She crushed those stereotypes and quickly rose through the ranks of broadcast journalism. However, she writes of her constant feelings of self-doubt during her lifetime and how she felt that she was constantly auditioning.

Decades after the height of her career, women in broadcasting have come a long way. Now women outnumber men in journalism school and newsrooms around the country. Still subtle forms of sexism remain. Often when I would be working on a project with my husband, people would assume I was assisting him instead of the other way around. Also, when I was pregnant on-air, a man called the newsroom saying I should be "put out to pasture." That particular incident was absolutely sickening to me. I am lucky that those occurrences are rare and not an everyday challenge like Walters and other women faced, but that man showed that women still occupy a lower rung of society in many people's eyes.

I publicly remain neutral in politics because of my career, but a large part of me hoped Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee for President and eventually would win the White House. Though she has accomplished more than any other female politician in history, there were still shades of sexism during this campaign. It is so disheartening and frustrating.

I can't even comprehend the opinion that women (or other races for that matter) are somehow inferior. One reason I am glad I am the mother of sons is that I will have the opportunity to teach them to utterly respect and appreciate women.

I think our country missed a great opportunity this year. I only hope a woman will rise to the top again very soon for the benefit of all of us.



Poor R does in fact appear to have acid reflux or GERD. Poor little guy. I took him to the doctor today, and he got a Zantac prescription. Hopefully that will soothe his belly and maybe even stem the flood of spit-up.


T was gone today from 8 a.m. till 9:30 p.m. A long day for him means a long day for me. He has an even longer day tomorrow. I can't wait. (Note sarcasm)


I have to say I am pretty bummed that Hillary Clinton lost the nomination tonight. I know Barack Obama's nomination will be a historic moment, and I am proud of that, but a major part of me was hoping for a female president. It's about time.


Tuesday: 3 miles (on treadmill)


Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This is very odd.


Ant update

The Terro traps work! I came down this morning and was not greeted by a swarm of ants for a change. I have heard they just kill off that particular colony, and a new colony will soon invade. But I will take the brief break, and we can always get new traps if we must.

I am ashamed to admit today I watched Denise Richards: It's Complicated and Living Lohan. Sad I know, but I didn't leave the house today until T got home. Why do celebrities feel like reality shows will set the record straight? They just look pathetic. Somehow though, it is still intriguing. I guess that makes me a little pathetic too. That's OK. I'm comfortable with that.

Right now, I am watching TMZ. Like the aforementioned reality shows, it melts my brain I am sure, but it is entertaining nonetheless.

Here's a new picture of R. He's full of smiles these days.


Monday---rest (my favorite)


Monday, June 2, 2008


I want to scratch my eyes out. My allergies are absolutely killing me. I actually never even knew I had allergies until I lived in a valley. Apparently all the pollen gets trapped and tortures you. I am constantly sneezing and wiping my nose. I could rub my eyes nonstop all day if that wasn't socially frowned upon. They are all pink-rimmed and bloodshot. I look like a coke fiend. I really feel for people who have severe allergies. They must want to jump off the nearest tall building this time of year.

Our toilet is leaking, and we have a huge ant problem. This is when you wish you still rented and could just call the landlord. We thought we were the only people with a disgusting ant problem, but apparently most everyone around here has the same issue. We have new traps called Terro that the ants are drawn to. They then coat themselves in the poison and carry it back to their nest wiping out all the little bastards! Bwahahahaha! I hope it works.

In more pleasant news, we had a wonderful weekend. While T was in class Saturday, I took the boys to this kids' museum where we have a membership. A university chemistry club was putting on a kids' chemistry day. Q loved seeing the Alka Seltzer rockets and Mentos-Diet Coke volcanoes. It was neat. We picked up Daddy for cappuccinos and cupcakes afterward. That night I went to a Mom's Night Out with my moms' group and had two vodka tonics. Haven't been able to do that in awhile!

Sunday I did my first long run of eight miles. It was a bit hard at the end but mostly felt great. That night we had friends over for dinner with their two little boys. I made pasta and salad, and we had cheesecake and strawberries for dessert. I feel so free to indulge after a nice long run. That is the very best part of running I think!

This Friday T's parents come in to town to meet R. Next Friday, all four of us are headed to Wisconsin for two weeks! T has business, and I have family. The plane ride strikes fear in my heart, but it will be worth it.


Saturday-cross-training: six-mile bike ride and quick weights
Sunday-8 miles 1:16:45 (beautiful day for a run and felt pretty good throughout)
147 pounds