Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father of three?! When did this happen?

This is T's first Father's Day as a father of three (six if you count the four-legged children). I think Father's Day celebrations are inversely proportionate to the number of children you have. When we just had Q, Father's Day was a big occasion. T was treated to a special breakfast and showered with gifts. This year Father's Day really snuck up on me. Unfortunately for T, it was not the most festive of occasions. We did have a nice breakfast and dinner, and Q proudly gifted T with a handmade keychain. I was not the best wife though. Not even a card, I hate to admit. But he does deserve a lot for being the father that he is.

T is the modern dad to my modern mama. He has a stressful, successful job and is constantly fielding calls and emails from work. He takes his kids to soccer and swimming and wrangles Lena into the frilly outfits I lay out for her (the Packers sweatsuit above notwithstanding).

He cooks dinner for the boys when I am at class and defrosts breastmilk to feed Lena. I write the grocery list and he does the grocery shopping. He cleans the cars and mows the lawn and shleps poop from three species out to the curb. He takes the boys to the Home Depot Kids' Workshops and soothes Lena to sleep balanced over his forearm.

Being a dad makes him laugh and beam with pride. Sometimes it makes him yell or grit his teeth. It brings him great love, moments of frustration, long nights, and fun days. It is his biggest challenge and his greatest success.

Happy Father's Day T!

(Hopefully this makes up for the less-than-stellar Father's Day celebration.)


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  1. Extremely well said! Happy Father's Day T:)