Monday, January 9, 2012

December Favorites

1. Words with Friends

My obsession with this game started after Alec Baldwin got kicked off a plane for it. I figured it must be good if he was that  into it. And I now think I could be driven to disrupt a flight if it interfered with my game. I love it. I often have several games going at once and spend long stretches plotting the highest scoring move.

2. Phomollient

Phomollient from Aveda is a lightweight, clean-feeling, sweet-smelling styling aid. My hairdresser turned me on to it and now I use it every day before the shortest blowdry possible.


I've wanted a BOSU for awhile now, and my in-laws got us one for Christmas. I've used this in several fitness classes and think it is so versatile. BOSU stands for "Both Sides Up." You can stand on the dome side or hop up and down or do push-ups on the flat side. It is great for cardio and toning. The kids also like springing off of it in death-defying feats.

This is the best thing  if you have children. My in-laws again came through and gave us this book and little elf early in December. The elf lurks in the house in the weeks leading up to Christmas. At night he goes back to Santa and reports who was naughty or nice that day. (As you can imagine, we constantly reminded the boys that Elfie was watching. We milked every minute of it!) In the morning, Elfie is in a different location, and the kids have to find him. Twice, Elfie forgot to move. Once he was just being tricky and moved later on during the day. Another day that he forgot to move, and then remembered at the very last second as Q was descending the stairs, he ended up flying through the air and landing flat on the counter in front of the microwave. "Look Mom!" Q exclaimed. "Elfie is resting!" Elfie is now back with Santa, but hopefully he is more on the ball when he returns for next Christmas.


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  1. ok, need to start a WWF game with you. I have four games running concurrently with my SIL... need to expand my geekiness out to the masses.

    We have an elf too. His name is Jack. Jack got special permission to stay at our house in our library cabinet until he activates next holiday. I wonder if he'll get bored? lol